To add social icons to your site as seen in the demo:

  • Go to: Dashboard > Stacks and Blocks > Stacks > Social Icons
  • Click "Add Block"
  • Add a "Content" block to the stack
  • Click "Add Image" in the upper left of the toolbar and click the checkbox next to the icons that you want to add.
  • In the "With Selected" dropdown select "Choose"


  • Move the images so that they are in a single file column
  • Click on the first icon (it should highlight yellow) and click the "Insert Link" button on the bottom of the toolbar


  • Fill out the dialogue box that opens and hit "Insert"
  • Repeat for all of the icons that you are adding
  • Click "Add" to close the content editor and then hit "Approve Changes" in the Social Icon Stack Box
    • This stack is global so when you return to your website those icons should be in place and clickable on all pages.